Field ‘bone of contention’

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AFTER reading Georgina Watson’s report on Knottingley and Ferrybridge carnival (Express July 19), which I enjoyed, there is just something I would like to put straight, as this matter is still a bone of contention among the older residents of the town.

Our parents and grandparents gave hard-earned money to obtain the field for the use of the residents, it was a lovely place, all ages reaped the benefits, from the flower beds tended by Mr O’Driscoll, the hills and valleys playing host to ‘cowboys and indians’ etc, the bandstand where the Knottingley Silver Prize Band gave concerts to the greenhouses where the many plants were nurtured for the towns many flower beds.

The bombshell came when the field was leased to the coal board, who straight away flattened the field into an ugly site ,with football posts and rugby posts (which were there originally) and a grandstand (so-called) plastered with graffiti.

According to the conditions of the lease the bandstand was to be re-erected as were the greenhouses, neither have been done.

The point I wish to make is it is KNOTTINGLEY and Kellingley playing fields, so people of Knottingley take heed, when the lease is up (not long now) we may find another housing estate on OUR field.


St Botolph’s Close