Film maker’s short success

Chelsey Burdon is making a short film with a Hollywood actress and is launching a kickstarter appeal to fund it
Chelsey Burdon is making a short film with a Hollywood actress and is launching a kickstarter appeal to fund it

A Hollywood actress is set to star in a short horror film written and directed by a Ferrybridge film maker being shot next month.

Chelsey Burdon, 25, has co-written the film and will co-direct with friend Mark Vessey, which will star Fiona Dourif, star of Curse of Chucky in the Child’s Play franchise which has previously starred her father, actor Brad Dourif.

It will be the second short film Chelsey, who has been working in the film industry since graduating with a degree in film and theatre, has directed.

She said: “Mark had a very simple idea and he sent it to me and I extended it into a script, and we just passed it backwards and forwards until we were happy with it.

“We were at Film4 Frightfest in August when we saw Fiona, as part of the European premiere of Curse of Chucky and I thought she would be perfect for our film.

“Mark encouraged me to contact her agent, but I didn’t think for a minute she’d be interested in coming back to the UK to do a short film with two new writers and directors.

“But she was interested and she loved the script and she’s coming over in November to do it.”

Chelsey and Mark have launched a kickstarter appeal to help fund the film.

Chelsey added: “She’s agreed to work for a very small fee, so long as we cover her expenses. We are hoping the film will cost about £3,500 and we have a kickstarter target of £2,000.”

Under the kickstarter scheme, they have 30 days to raise the cash, with contributors able to donate from £1 to £250.

The film, called She, is about a young couple trapped in a loveless and dispassionate relationship.

It follows their unhappy daily routine, building up to an anniversary dinner, when She decides she’s had enough of being down-trodden, and poisons her husband with a substance which renders him physically paralysed.

Finally regaining some sense of control, she carries out an act of violent revenge that will leave just as many scars on her as it does on him.

Shooting on the film will take place in London, and Chelsey hopes the finished film will be shown at film festivals and be included on DVDs as an extra or in anthologies, as well as being available to download from sites like iTunes. Visit to support the kickstarter appeal.