Find out more about job boosting warehouse plans

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People can find out more about plans to build two new warehouses – which would create 2,000 jobs – at a consultation event in Pontefract.

Caddick Developments submitted a planning application for the Cross Point Wakefield development which would be built just off junction 33 of the M62 near Knottingley last week.

The proposals will go on show at Pontefract Town Hall on Friday, March 25 from 9am until 6pm and on Saturday, March 26 from 9am until 4pm.

Myles Hartley, managing director of Caddick Developments, said: “We would like people to come down and take an interest that’s why we have these meetings.

“We want people to see exactly what we are proposing. This is a major scheme that will have a major impact on the area and its economy so it’s important for people to get an understand of what we plan to do.”

Mr Hartley said the company was still working to secure occupiers for the units and work would not begin until at least one warehouse was signed up.

He added: “We think demand for the units is quite likely to come from the retail sector but there may also be interest from logistic companies.

“Our priority now is to secure an occupier for one of the units as soon as we can because we can’t put a timescale on the scheme until that has been done.”

Mr Harley said the scheme would contribute around £80m to the economy and create 2,000 full-time jobs as well as hundreds of construction jobs.

He added: “The site offers the perfect location. It is just off the M62 where it meets the A1 so from a logistics point of view it is perfectly located.

“We also want to be able to help the area by creating jobs. We are very mindful of the fact that Kellingley Colliery is expected to close with the loss of 700 jobs so this scheme can help mitigate the impact of that.”