Flooding anger

Flooding in Allerton Bywater
Flooding in Allerton Bywater
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DELUGE-HIT residents in Allerton Bywater claim vital flood defences are not being maintained properly – putting the village’s street underwater twice in one month.

In the last incident, when a month’s rain fell in 24 hours on Friday June 22, left streets underwater at Victoria Close and Main Street.

However, villagers claim flap valves, which are supposed to drain surface water into the River Aire and Pasture Pond, are not being maintained properly and have even cleared the drains near their homes to address the problem.

The valves are supposed to close if the river is too high to prevent water flowing back up the drains and causing flooding.

Ken Asprey, vice-chairman of Allerton Bywater Parish Council, said: “Residents are absolutely sick of being flooded. We are not talking about the authorities spending a fortune, we just want these valves maintained.”

Kippax and Methley councillors Keith Wakefield and James Lewis are now calling for a meeting with Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency to address the problem.

Coun Lewis said: “Together with local people and Allerton Bywater Parish Council we will lobby the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water for proper working and maintained flood defences.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: “We feel very sorry for anyone whose home or business has been affected by flooding.

“As there are so many different factors to consider, nobody can say conclusively at this stage exactly what the sequence of events was that caused or contributed to the flooding.

“Among those things that will be taken into account is the amount of rain that fell over what period and how the area’s infrastructure performed throughout.

“We’re currently conducting a joint investigation with Leeds City Council and the Environment Agency to determine the causes and any findings from this will be made public in due course.”