Flooding solution is ‘paramount’

ONCE again the main A656 Barnsdale Road was closed due to flooding, the fifth time this year.

We were told that when the spill way (a cut in the river bank) was constructed at the former opencast site at St Aidans this would take flood water into the site and save lower areas from flooding.

The spill way was finally constructed two months ago and it has failed. Not a drop of flood water went over the spill way into the St Aidans site.

One of my fellow parish councillors was at the site and took photographs, I rang the Environment Agency who told me they would send some officers out to investigate what was happening. I am still waiting for this information.

Thankfully the bottom half of Allerton Bywater did not flood this time like it did in June.

We were promised that when coal extraction finished at St Aidans the site would be used as a flood relief/catchments area to take and store flood water, then release the water back into the river when the level dropped.

The outlet sluice was constructed in 2007 and the inlet spill way was to be constructed immediately afterwards.

After years of asking when the inlet spill way was to be constructed, it was finally built in June this year, but unfortunately is not fit for purpose.

Hopefully the Environment Agency will drop the spill way level and the St Aidans site will be used as promised to take flood water, this is paramount for everybody lower down the Aire as if the proposed flood relief scheme for Leeds city goes ahead, this will only push more flood water down to the Castleford area, especially as the Calder joins the Aire at Castleford.


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