Fly posting village ‘flaw’

I LIVE in the beautiful village of Darrington – but it has one major flaw.

Being adjacent to the A1 we get a lot of traffic using our village to commute in and out of Pontefract.

As a result there is a temptation to flypost both business and personal advertisements on lampposts within the village for the passing traffic to view.

We had a poster advertising a game fair in Wetherby on May the 26 still in place a month after the event. I had to take it down myself otherwise it would no doubt be there forever!

Recently a large poster appeared on the side of our bus shelter celebrating the fact that a lady was 45 years old.

There was a picture of the woman and it was stapled to the wooden structure.

Driving into Pontefract through Carleton later in the day I wasn’t surprised to see two more pictures by the railway bridge in Carleton.

This is all very well, but now, nearly a week later, one of these pictures is still in place in Carleton.

I took the Darrington one down after a couple of days and it looks as though the strong winds removed one of the two Carleton ones. The last one is hanging on one staple blowing in the wind.

I would ask that anybody contemplating putting up such pictures in future consider a plan for removing them as well as putting them up.

I wouldn’t bother using the bus shelter in Darrington again as I suspect they’ll be taken down within minutes of being put up!


Estcourt Drive