Flying high on the wings of love

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A diamond couple celebrated 60 years of marriage with the flight of a lifetime.

Stanley and Dorothy Marchant, aged 85 and 91, took off on their first ever flight - with their grandson as pilot.

The Castleford couple promised 21-year-old Daniel they would face their fears and board a flight once he received his personal licence.

They took to the skies at Sherburn Airfield, where Daniel is based, on March 9 and took a three-hour flight over the Yorkshire countryside and Humber river before landing in Lincolnshire.

Grandaughter Keely Goodall said: “Nan and grandad were really nervous for their first ever flight but very excited. They normally holiday in the UK and after grandad lost his sight in 1960 neither were very keen about getting on board.

“But they wanted to show their support for Daniel after getting his licence and they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience.”

Mr and Mrs Marchant, of College Grove, Whitwood, met at Cutsyke WMC and married at Wakefield Register Office on February 27 1954.

The couple now have five children, 10 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Mrs Marchant, who worked in catering in Leeds, thinks the secret to their happy marriage is “a bit of give and take”, and Mr Marchant, who was a lorry driver, believes their “close relationship with each other and the rest of the family” makes them so happy.

Keely added: “We’re an extremely close family and it was lovely to make the anniversary a family affair. We had a bit of a get-together to celebrate as well as their flight and we all enjoyed their card from the Queen.”