Forum is ‘positive’

MR Greenhough asks if the Pontefract Business Forum is an expensive and unnecessary duplication of effort (Express letters October 4).

The short answer is no, it’s not.

In future the forum will be the way in which the council and business meet to discuss how we can best address our mutual concerns. The meetings will not be held in public.

However Mr Greenhough can be assured that our Pontefract Area Panel will continue to meet in order to give the public the opportunity of discussing local issues with elected members.

Sadly the Town Centre Partnership is no longer as effective as it has been in the past and will therefore no longer be attended by council representatives.

It has become increasingly evident that one or two people are simply using the meetings as a platform to pursue their demand for a town council – despite the evidence that local people do not want a further expensive tier of local governance.

Indeed I have personally spoken to a former member of the Partnership who has told me that he has stopped attending meetings for that very reason.

I believe that is why local business has responded so positively to the business forum.

In difficult times all our towns and communities want new investment.

For that reason we will continue to work with the private sector to ensure that despite the recession and savage government cuts to our budget, our district is still seen as a good place to invest.



Wakefield Council