FUEL UPDATE: Find out which Five Towns garages still have petrol and diesel

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WORRIED motorists are filling up their cars with petrol and diesel amid fears fuel tanker drivers will go on strike.

The Express is calling garages in the Five Towns to find out whether they still have fuel.

Asda at Glass Houghton - out but expecting a delivery “shortly”.

BP -Wakefield Road, Featherstone - out

BP, Barnsley Road Ackworth- has both

BP Co-op, Ackworth Road - says it will probably run out of both by end of the night

Shell on Lock Lane, Castleford - out

Shell, Bondgate, Ponte - no petrol, has diesel

Shell, Minsthorpe Lane, Pontefract - out of diesel, has petrol

Shell, Great North Road- diesel out, petrol running out

Total, Front Street, Glass Houghton - has both

This information was correct at around 5pm today (Thursday March 29).

Keep checking for updates.