Gala’s happy families

Kara Walsh, Morgan Evans, Kati Williams & Navaya Simpson come down the slide
Kara Walsh, Morgan Evans, Kati Williams & Navaya Simpson come down the slide
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FAMILY fun was the order of the day at an Airedale gala last weekend.

Youngsters in brightly coloured face paint took to the bouncy castle with glee as child-friendly activities at The Green unfolded throughout the day.

The jam-packed session was the culmination of a week-long programme of family-friendly events for Airedale Family Week.

The programme was organised by Airedale, Ferry Fryston, Townville and Fryston Neighbourhood Management Board.

Mike Dixon, chairman, said: “The gala went really well, we received somewhere in the region of 250 people on site which is good as the weather wasn’t great.

“It was raining and very windy in the morning but everyone had a wonderful time as far as I saw. There were a lot of smiling faces and happy families.”

Airedale Family Week is now in its third year and part of an annual national initiative to bring families closer together.

DJs provided music during the gala and representatives from the police, council and other organisations were on hand with activities and information.

Mr Dixon added: “The children had the joy of playing on bouncy castles but one of the main things was they were there as families doing activities with their parents.

“There was a family attitude fostered at the day and that was the whole aim of the week, to bring families together to play.”

The week kicked off with a medieval food day, followed by an environmental day at Fryston Woods where youngsters helped plant a tree with Castleford Heritage Trust, and a number of craft sessions.