Get fit and healthy online with Mama Mei

Sophie with her children.
Sophie with her children.

A new online group is helping women to fit exercise into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mama Mei’s Health Club brings women together through an online fitness channel, Facebook support group, and in-person classes.

It gives them a platform to meet new people and exercise at a time most convenient to their lifestyle.

Founder Sophie Mei Lan said: “Juggling jobs, house work and being a mum can take its toll on you. It does for me. And one of the things that most of us let slip is time for ourselves which includes time to exercise.”

The informal club is designed to help women overcome some of the barriers that may stop them getting involved in sport.

The fitness channel includes workouts, burlesque, pilates, cardio and yoga classes.

Ms Mei Lan, who lives in Sandal, Wakefield, said: “If you’ve not got childcare or transport or much time, we can provide an online gym of fitness classes which you can access from your own home.

“We help women find a fitness buddy to exercise with too, if they want, to provide support and motivation.”

Ms Mei Lan, who is a blogger, vlogger and dance teacher, said she often exercises in the comfort of her lounge, with her daughters Jasmine, five, and Arianna, two, close by.

“Any exercise is better than no exercise,” she said.

“Some days I don’t have time for the gym or running so I love that I can exercise anywhere with WiFi. For me fitness should fit in to your life.

“I personally run most places instead of driving and I always try to take the stairs if I’ve not got the pram with me.”

Women from all over the country can join the online classes. And bellydance, fitness, trampoline and barre ballet classes are also held in Wakefield on the first Saturday of the month.

Ms Mei Lan, 28, also hopes to take pop-up fitness events and classes across West Yorkshire in the future.

She said: “I prioritise health and fitness as I believe it does have an impact on the rest of our lives.

“I stick to my fitness schedule the same as I stick to any other meeting or commitment because I know the positive effects it has on my physical and mental health.

“I have been teaching women only dance classes for a while now, so I thought I would extend this to an online group where people can meet up to exercise together, they can access classes online and support one another.”

To find the group on Facebook, click here and to access the channel click here

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