Gill family not forgotten

J R HARDGRAVE is right about Mr and Mrs Arthur Gill, and their rescue of Knottigley Town Hall (Express Letters, February 16).

The implication seems to be though that somehow Arthur and Joannie Gill have been forgotten – never!

My own memories of the Gill family go back to the late 1940s, when, as two very small girls Molly and Valerie along with my own sister Pat, were part of a local dance troop formed by Marjorie and Pam Kellet, who raised money for local good causes, by putting on amateur shows in Knottingley and throughout the area.

Indeed, before the destruction of the PGI there was a plaque mounted there, thanking them for their efforts.

In my widowed mother’s later years, the Knottingley Town Hall became the focal point of her social life, the names of everyone there, all the voluntary organisers and supporters were in our minds daily, none of them forgotten.

I would hope J R Hardgrave doesn’t miss the gist of my letter, which argues against the idea that the only way to achieve anything is to have an elected body, when we have such a fine example of the opposite in Knottingley.


The Holes