Girls' school reunion

IT'S 30 years since the school gates were closed permanently at the Pontefract Secondary Girls' School at Back Northgate and the site converted into a Morrisons supermarket.

Originally a boys' secondary school, the girls of Pontefract and district took over the Northgate site in 1968 when the Church of England Girls' Secondary School in Northgate closed. The boys relocated to a new building in Green Lane, Carleton (sadly, recently in the news).

As fifth formers at the time of the closure in the summer of 1978, myself and my friends were the last of many children to pass through its grand castellated entrance.

The girls in the lower years and teachers were relocated to the newly-formed co-educational King's, Park and Carleton High Schools.

On Saturday November 22 we are holding a school reunion at Mama Mia pizzeria in Pontefract.

This is only for those girls like myself who were in forms 51, 52, 53 and 54 and left the school in the summer term of 1978 and any of our teachers who wish to join us.

The venue has been chosen because the pizzeria is the site of the old school annex and the building holds for us many happy and nostalgic memories.

We would like more old friends to join us on this evening, although there are limited spaces available, and anyone who can make it to the reunion will be welcomed. Please contact me by email before Friday November 14 for a place.


Form 54 – 1978