Give Steve a chance in Castleford Tigers job

After reading all the comments made in regards to Castleford Tigers appointing Steve Gill as their new chief executive (Express April 18), I have just two questions of the contributors:

What have they got against Steve Gill?

Have they ever met him or spoken to him?

In regards to the second question, I have met and know Steve Gill, and can say that he is nobody’s ‘yes man’, what he his is Castleford Tigers through and through. Yes rightly he did say that he did not want the job permanently, when asked to act has interim CEO but on seeing the job first hand he has realised that he has a lot to offer the club, and wants to turn around the mistakes that have been made over recent years.

Yes, I agree that Richard Wright does have a lot to answer for – but that is mainly down to him putting all of his eggs in one basket by pumping every available penny that the club had in to the new stadium that now will probably never come to fruition, due to the economic downturn.

But without coming to Richard Wright’s defence, his hands were tied with the condition of the the Tigers either getting a new stadium or saying goodbye to Super League.

Also the appointment of Richard Pell has the new marketing manager, yes his coaching record leaves a lot to be desired, but what has that got to do with marketing a club, and finding sponsorship?

Along with the other two new members of the marketing team, who have all worked many years for Coca Cola, I think Castleford have finally used some business sense. I struggle to think of a better known name than Coca Cola as a world class marketing company.

Going back to Steve Gill, I also doubt that he will throw in the towel at the club on the first occasion that he does not get his own way.

Yes he maybe inexperienced, but experience does not count for everything. A good example is the coach who has just left the club. He had many years of top class coaching experience but still managed to take a team who had been minutes from Wembley and, at one stage, leading the league, to not knowing when the next win was coming from.

So to all the people who have already decided that the appointment of Steve Gill is the end of Castleford Tigers, at least give him a chance.

Darren Arnold

Hazeltine Court