Giving helping hand to local sports clubs

#sistersport campaign
#sistersport campaign

An organisation has been giving sports clubs a helping hand to raise funds for nearly two decades.

The National Sports Development Association (NSDA) was founded in 1999 to support groups across the region to generate much-needed money to help them run.

The NSDA, profiled this week as part of our #sistersport campaign, offers assistance by running local lotteries for the clubs.

Players and their friends and family members are encouraged to enter their club’s lottery, with the opportunity to win cash prizes.

The money raised through their lottery membership is then put back into the club to manage running costs or fund specific projects.

NSDA founder Stuart Farrar, who helped to raise more than £800,000 for Wakefield Trinity whilst a member of the club’s board, said: “We encourage local clubs and their players to recruit a couple of members to the lottery and that helps to provide year on year income, with no cost or risk to the beneficiaries.

“We do the actual managing of the lottery and ensure that money raised from members of the club is ring-fenced and goes back into the club. We just want to help people involved in sport.

“We find it particularly rewarding knowing we have helped at a grassroots level and can now support the development of women’s and girls’ sport too.”

#Sistersport, backed by The Ridings and Women in Sport ambassador Kate Hardcastle, is championing active women and girls in our area.