‘Grass should be cut’ plea

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ON Saturday June 16 at about 10am my wife and I travelled from Barnsley to Castleford Cemetery to tend and pay respects to family members interred there, particularly as it was Father’s Day on the 17th.

On arrival we immediately noticed the ankle to mid-calf length of the grass around the headstones and approaches.

This was interspaced with clumps of previously cut grass which was wet and very messy.

Being prepared, we put our wellies on. The weather was overcast but dry.

A number of people in proximity also commented on the state of the grass.

Irrespective of the fact that the following day was Father’s Day, the grass should have been cut.

A great failure of appearance by Wakefield Council. No doubt it will be the contractors’ fault, the machines were broken, there were health and safety issues because it was too wet.

No, my understanding is these machines of the industrial type can be used in wet weather and the operator can wear foul weather clothing (if they have the mindset).

A day of remembrance of families past, spoilt.