Hard to see any progress

I DO not believe the Castleford Tigers’ board has ever been serious about building a new stadium.

Every stage of the process has taken such an inordinate amount of time. It could be suggested that the only time anything happens is when it is necessary – when a deadline of some form or another approaches.

The release of a statement on the front page of the Express (March 24) is no better example – one week before applications for the next phase of Super League licences had to be submitted.

It has been more than three years since the project was announced. Do not forget the comments of the RFL when licences were issued last time, that Castleford was always a shoe-in because of their well-founded and advanced plans for the ‘superb new facility’. It turns out (not as a surprise to me, I’ve been sceptical about this from the start), that the whole thing is not much further on than three years ago.

Hardly a sod has been turned, not a brick laid and no glimpse on the horizon of the Glass Houghton project rising from the ground.

When the RFL announces we haven’t got a Super League licence for 2012-14, who will be blamed? It knows Tigers can’t afford a new stadium.

Have they have talked about a stadium right up to the brink in the hope that the RFL would be fooled into awarding a second Super League licence?

We all know that once gone, a return to Super League for a small town club like Castleford Tigers would be extremely unlikely.

When all that happens I for one will be saying: “Told you so.”


Glebe Street