Breathe 2025- campaign to stop next generation from smoking

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A campaign has been launched to make sure the next generation of children grow up without smoking.

Wakefield Council is urging people and organisations to support public health campaign Breathe 2025.

More than 20 per cent of people in the Wakefield district smoke, compared to the England average of 18 per cent.

Wakefield Council said one in eight 15-year-olds in the district smoked, but the proportion of young smokers was dropping and there could be a generation of children who do not smoke within the next decade.

Pat Garbutt, cabinet member for adults and health, pictured with her grandchildren Emily, 4, and James, 2, said: “Today’s five year olds can be smoke-free at 15 when they are doing their GCSEs and so can all the year groups following them.

“They can be smokefree when they leave school or college and as adults. Breathe 2025 is about how all of us can inspire and help them to make that happen.”

In 2013 there were 65,200 smokers in the Wakefield district, around one in four of the population. That includes between 250 and 370 smokers aged 15.

Coun Garbutt added: “Giving children and young people the best start in life is a priority for parents, family members and many other organisations and communities in and not smoking is a great start so please go to the Breathe 2025 website and show your support.”