Heartless thieves trash cake shop

Della and Dave Craven  inside Della'a Cupcakes that had been broken into. (p617c249)
Della and Dave Craven inside Della'a Cupcakes that had been broken into. (p617c249)

DEVASTATED shop owner Della Craven says her Christmas has been “ruined” after thieves trashed her bakery business in Castleford.

Mrs Craven, 37, who runs Della’s Cupcake Heaven on Vickers Street, arrived at the shop on Saturday morning to find baking equipment and shop counters worth thousands of pounds had been “totally trashed”.

The self-taught cake decorator, who opened the shop in September, said: “I am absolutely devastated. It’s horrendous.

“We never leave any cash in the building and we leave the till open to show there’s no cash in the shop, but the thieves have broken in, seen there was nothing to take and then decided to trash the place.

“They did the maximum damage they could, pulled out all the oven trays and stamped on cutters.We have lost around £2,500 worth of baking equipment, and hundreds of pounds worth of cakes which were ready to go.

“We won’t be able to open again for another ten days and we are also losing more orders which are coming in for Christmas.

“I have tried to keep the business going at home but I need my equipment to bake. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, business was going well for us, and was picking up with Christmas just around the corner.

“We won’t be having the same sort of Christmas this year now we are going to have to pay to fix this.”

Her husband, Dave Craven, 40, said the property had been broken into three times in the last three years.

He said: “These people are animals, and I am disgusted that it has happened again. We are going to have to get extra security but it all costs money. It’s hard enough when you’re trying to run a business in times like these but to have to deal with this as well, it makes it a lot more difficult.”

Insp David Bugg from Castleford neighbourhood policing team said: “There have been around half a dozen commercial burglaries in the area over the last month and, although it’s not a spike, it is a concern because they are targeting properties without CCTV.”

Anyone with information should call the non-emergency line on 101.