Help needed for bonfire display

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We are making an impassioned plea to local businesses for help to bring back Wakefield’s much loved bonfire and fireworks display.

The Express is joining Ian Deighton, chair of the Friends of Clarence, Holmfield and Thornes Parks (CHaTs) in urging local companies to come forward and pledge their support to the Bonfire Night extravaganza, which was scrapped in a cost-cutting move by Wakefield Council last year.

Mr Deighton said: “We know it is hard to think about bonfires at this time of the year but we really need someone to commit themselves now if this is to go ahead.

“I can’t go anywhere without people saying how much of a loss it was that Wakefield didn’t have the display last year and that they are backing us in trying to bring it back.

“The people of Wakefield are desperate for the display but it really does need a sponsor to get behind it a pledge some funding. I am still optimistic that businesses will come forward to make sure we can achieve this.”

Mr Deighton said the group, which also has the backing of Wakefield MP Mary Creagh and Melvyn Eddy Funfairs, plans to meet the council at the end of May to discuss whether funding is in place.

The authority said if the campaign is successful, it would look at working with supporters of the event.

Express news editor Gavin Murray said: “Many readers expressed disappointment and upset when last year’s display was cancelled.

“We hope businesses and the community will get behind us and CHaTs to support the return of the long-running bonfire this November.”

Businesses interested in sponsoring the event can contact Mr Deighton on 01924 314222.