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shirley ann scott
shirley ann scott

As hard as it may seem to comprehend, the high summer is over for another year and we only have to blink a few times, or so it seems, and the fat man in the red suit with the white beard will be here.

A campaign, launched recently in Doncaster, is gathering pace and the Save Our Clubs surge is picking up influential friends and finding the ear of those on a position to reverse the demise of clubland.

I’m sure that we will hear more encouraging noises from the corridors of power in the months to come, but we don’t want to be closing the stable door when the horse has already bolted.

We need action now if our clubs are to survive. Many club members and officials ask me to use this platform in the Express to encourage people to lobby their MPs on the future of their community social clubs.

It would be nice to hear what our local representatives within the Wakefield and Five Towns district have to say about the demise of clubland and other community amenities.

Let’s hope more club members take the trouble to get in touch and ask a few awkward questions of the Labour members who represent our views in parliament.

Among the acts seen out and about recently was the classy lass from Cas Shirley Ann Scott, who always looks a million dollars whenever she walks onto any stage.

I was very impressed again with singer and impressionist Steve Richards, who seems to go from strength to strength.

I also worked last Friday with clubland great Sunny Daye. This fantastic clubland lady has lost an astonishing eight-and-a-half stone in weight and looks wonderful.

I walked into Sunny’s dressing room and she was tucking into chips and curry sauce. I commented on this by expressing my own desire to be on her diet. As Sunny correctly pointed out, it’s not necessarily what you eat, it’s the amounts which count.

Gilly’s Country Music Club is doing great business on the Tuesday shows at Wakefield City Club. Organiser Chris Gill was in touch with news of forthcoming appearances from highly-rated country act The Haleys on September 13.

Collier Dixon Line were originally booked on this night, but illness has forced this band out of the gig.

Moorthorpe Empire Club band nights for September make interesting reading, with the Sunday night gigs sure to attract capacity audiences. Great bands like Touch and Go, Relentless and The Heroes are all well worth seeing and I predict some great nights to come.

During the coming month I plan to be out and about taking a look at various acts I haven’t seen yet at charity events and showcases throughout the north.

Entertainers and acts which are of interest to readers in this area will be included right here in this clubland column, which is the one with the biggest circulation and the most feedback.

Watch this space as I wade through all newcomers and the aspiring stars. If you have any suggestions who you would like to see featured here in the Express, just get in touch and point me in the right direction folks.

If you have any news or views for this column we would like to hear from you. Just drop me a line at the Express, email or call my office on 01924 890800 and leave a message.