Hitch a free ride from your front door to Ossett United on the club's official bus

Ossett United team bus
Ossett United team bus

Ever wondered how it would feel to head to a football stadium aboard your club's official bus on matchday?

This weekend you can find out.

Ossett United chief executive Phil Smith

Ossett United chief executive Phil Smith

Ossett United's bus will be driving supporters to their Ingfield ground for Saturday's FA Trophy tie against Colwyn Bay.

And all you have to do to reserve your seat is send your home address - or pub of choice - to the club ahead of the game.

Chief executive Phil Smith said: "There will be some people who find it hard to get about and we're trying to make the match accessible. We're hoping for a big turnout and we wanted to find a good use for the bus.

"And you never know, if there's a big take-up we might all be driving round collecting people in our cars.

"But if you're drinking in the Maypole - about 100 yards from the ground - then we might have to draw the line and let you make your own way there!"

The offer is open to anyone who lives in the Ossett area and all you need to do is email the club with the address before 10pm on Friday night.

Saturday October 13 is Non League Day 2018, which seeks to promote and celebrate grassroots football.

The club is also offering £5 entry to anyone who is a season ticket holder for any other football club in the world.

Ossett United can be contacted on admin@ossettunited.com or 01924 272960.