Home brewer set to launch range of beers

Dan Jones who has set up Hamelsworde Brewery in Hemsworth.
Dan Jones who has set up Hamelsworde Brewery in Hemsworth.

A home based brewer from Hemsworth is set to launch a new range of local ales after following the lead of his father and grandfather.

Dan Jones, 32, of Longworth Road, started brewing his own beer 11 years ago.

He set up a small brewery in his garage at home and originally started brewing beers for himself.

Mr Jones, who works full time in the public sector, is now set to launch his Hamelsworde Brewery range to the public in April.

He said: “My dad and grandad have always been home brewers and I started doing it myself when I got my own house 11 years ago.

“I then started making my own beer and it’s just gone from there really.”

All of the ingredients used to make his range of six ales are sourced within Yorkshire.

The malt used is sourced from Castleford, the bottles are made in Rotherham, and the labels are designed and printed in York.

Mr Jones added: “If I can get Yorkshire products I will. I have even planted a hop plant which I hope to use in a special edition beer in the autumn.

“I don’t want to be making lots of money out it because it’s just a hobby and it’s something I enjoy doing.”

The Hamelsworde Brewery range will launch at the Bier Huis, on Towngate, in Ossett on Friday , April 5 from 6.30pm.

Mr Jones added: “I have given some to my friends and they said they liked it so I think the public will like it.

“I’m looking forward to the launch and we will be extending it the Saturday night too, if demand dictates that it should.”

Mr Jones is planning to have a new microbrewery in use within six weeks.

For more information on the brewery visit www.hamelsworde.co.uk