Honesty is all we ask for

IT is appreciated that Mr Mattocks took time to enter into the correspondence on the issues of a town council for Pontefract (Express, December 16) and I would like to say to him that many Pomfretians consider they have been cheated in the way a request for the creation of a town council has been processed.

In 2009 Wakefield Council accepted a petition asking for the creation of a town council signed by 2,400 people on the Pontefract electoral register. A referendum was held and 1,564 people supported a town council and 1,429 were against, meaning there was a majority in favour of 135, plus the 2,400 people who asked for the town council to be created.

In total, 2,079 people wrote and made comment on the town council issue. All 5,393 persons referred to above were checked as being registered to vote in Pontefract.

This result was not accepted by Wakefield Council.

A second referendum was held in 2010. There are conflicting records of how people voted in the second vote, no checks were made on the validity of people eligible to vote, no recorded comments of people who wrote or made comment, no record of the businesses who responded to the request for views on the creation of a town council.

Does Mr Mattocks consider the process of the second referendum as outlined above as being fair? Would he accept a majority of 135 as being a definitive yes? Does he accept a result with no check on people who were eligible to vote as being correct?

Members of Pontefract Forward have at all times been open and fair in their approach to the creation of a town council, all that is asked is that others be honest and fair.


Ferrybridge Road