Hospital food for thought

LIVING in Featherstone, I have been watching the debate re Pontefract Hospital A&E with interest.

I wonder how it is that we went from a hospital with over 400 beds, a fully functioning A&E department, plus a maternity wing, to a mini hospital with less than 150 beds, no maternity wing and an A&E department that is closed at night.

Not only that, but as it was built using the so-called Private Finance Initiative, it will take donkeys’ years to pay for!

A friend of mine worked for the ambulance patient transfer service (PTS). He said that the impression the PTS was given when the new hospital was being planned, was that an A&E department wasn’t included in the plans for Pontefract, and all such work would be done at the new Pinderfields hospital.

Food for thought!


Eastbourne Avenue