Hospital plan is ‘betrayal’

WE are told there are junior doctor shortages by the Mid Yorks NHS Trust, but the government disagrees.

Which is correct? The Express quoted a report by an obstetrician and senior sister that PGI has never provided a level one A&E service, which is a 24-hour consultant led service.

This is despite all promises to do so. Now, the trust is looking at how it will run services over all three hospitals for the next five years, and all options have PGI A&E downgraded to a minor illness and injuries unit.

Ignoring for now this back door betrayal of the whole area, how would you feel as a doctor looking at job vacancies, knowing your place of work’s existence is so uncertain and has little career promise?

I suspect PGI is as attractive as a bag of sand in a desert and is thus fulfilling the secret agenda.


Ferrybridge Road