Hospital under threat?

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IT is clear that the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is on the brink of being put into administration by the Tory-led government, just as they did the South London Healthcare NHS Trust last month.

A government that is more than happy to bail out its buddies, the bankers, by giving them hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ pounds, ensuring that their massive bonuses are safe yet it not prepared to bail out a publicly-owned health trust with a deficit that is absolutely tiny compared to what the bankers have received.

And with administration will come slash and burn, as the government-imposed administrator, without any consultation, scraps services, closes wards and indeed possibly an entire hospital (with Pontefract General Infirmary favourite for that) and of course sells off the easy to do, high-profit services to its mates in the private sector.

A cynic would say that this is the Tory plan for our entire health service – get it into debt, into administration and then into the private sector with a minimum of public outcry.

I sincerely hope that all those people who rely on the services provided by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust will ensure that their enraged cries are heard loud and clear by David Cameron and the rest of the Tory-led government.


Independent Selby District councillor

Hawthorn Garth