How is this cost covered?

NO doubt you will be reporting on the opening of our latest white elephant. Already questions have been asked on TV as to whether we need another art gallery. Perhaps it might be better described as a home for unsold ‘art’.

If Barbara Hepworth had been able to sell the exhibits would they have been given to Wakefield? I doubt it. The Express also reports on the possible closure of Clarke Hall (Express, May 19). Surely the education of our school children is more important that showing off unsold works of ‘art’?

An advert for staff indicated that the gallery wage bill would be in the region of £152,000 per year – £400 per day. However will this be recovered? Apart from that there’s the capital cost of £34million to pay off.

Give it 12 months and if the gallery doesn’t produce at least £3,000 every week write it off and try to sell the white elephant which was paid for by people who don’t really want it. Admit the mistake and add it to the £9million sent to Iceland and lost.

Saying that the gallery will bring people to Wakefield is not much use to the thousands who have paid for it in Pontefract, Castleford and the rest of Wakefield district.


Mill Hill Lane