Internet high street death

AFTER three years of economic downturn we have all seen the effects on local business, with pubs and shops closing down and leaving gaps in the high street. With the economy on the bring of a ‘double dip’ recession it is important we support our local economy.

I know at this time of year it is nice to visit the likes of Meadowhall and the White Rose, I am not saying don’t go and spend your money, but if you can buy locally do so.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the amount of goods bought over the internet. It is a very handy and convenient way of shopping, we have all bought something by this method. That’s all well and good, but when the shops have closed down and the town centres are empty we will all suffer. So before you click that button, ask yourself if you can buy it for a similar price and if you can press cancel – don’t let the internet kill our town centres.

With the Christmas period coming up it is important we keep the cash in Cas and the pound in Pontefract. Our towns need to prosper, so we must rally round as we are the only ones who can help our local economy survive the impending double dip.


North Baileygate