Is an eye test required?

AS a resident of Churchbalk Lane I have to agree with the points made in the letter ‘Potholes require a duty of care’ (Express June 16).

We are more than halfway through the year now and nothing has been done to repair the potholes and it gets worse day by day. Is it going to take a serious accident to get someone to take this matter seriously? It’s bad enough for cars dodging the holes but I for one am terrified for both cyclists and motorcyclists.

I don’t know if Wakefield Council actually checked the full length of the street, but it’s basically two halves on either side of the crossroads. I myself live on the lower half between Grove Road and the bottom of Swanhill Lane. I would also like to point out that this is a bus route as well as the daily route for articulated wagons travelling to and from Grove Road, this must add to the regular wear and tear on the road and all the more reason to do the repairs.

A reply to my mother-in-law to a letter she wrote to the council about the potholes in Churchbalk Lane made me wonder if the authority is talking about the correct stretch of road. The reply came from highways network manager Graham West, who stated that after having the said road inspected it was found not be serious enough to warrant repair. Either someone needs to check their map or visit a well known opticians!

Maybe I should get the council to re-imburse me for the new tyre I’ve just had to buy due to a split, this may not have happened on properly maintained roads.


Churchbalk Lane