Is this the world’s oldest Easter egg?

Mavis Turner, 89, has kept an easter egg given to her by her son David, 63, for 52 years because it looked "too good to eat".
Mavis Turner, 89, has kept an easter egg given to her by her son David, 63, for 52 years because it looked "too good to eat".
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CHOCOHOLIC great-grandma Mavis Turner – who has kept an Easter egg in a casket for 52 years – may have cracked a world record.

The sweet-toothed 88-year-old, of Pontefract, believes her amazing willpower has paid off and she may have foiled previous claims that the world’s oldest chocolate treat is 50 years old.

Last year national newspapers reported how Hillion Fern, 63, of Nuneaton, had kept an Easter egg she was given when she was aged 13.

But Mavis, of Luke William House, said: “I read the stories and thought ‘my Easter egg’s older than that’.”

The great-grandma-of-ten received the Needlers’ Easter Casket from her son David, 63, when he was around 11 years old.

David, who lives with his mother, said: “I’d saved up my pocket money and went out with my dad to buy an Easter egg for my mum.

“I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think my dad must have put in an extra few pennies.

“When we gave it to her she said ‘It looks gorgeous. I can’t eat that, I’m going to save it’.

“I still buy her an Easter egg every year, but that one’s special.”

Mavis, who has six grandchildren, said she vowed to keep the egg because it looked “too good to eat”.

The mum-of-three said: “I kept it on show for a bit and then took it with me when I moved from Chequerfield to Horsefair 42 years ago.

“I take a look at it every year. It’s very special to me.

“I get an Easter egg from my son every year so I’ve had no need to eat it.

“A neighbour of ours in Chequerfield used to give David sixpence to go to the shops and run errands for her.

“It meant a lot to me that he’d saved the money to buy me such a beautiful Easter egg. I don’t know where he got it from, but I think it was somewhere around The Circle in Chequerfield.

“I just thought it was far too nice to eat and I’m glad I kept it.”

The mother and son now hope to find out if their chocolate egg does hold the world record for being the oldest unopened Easter treat.

David said: “When we read the story about what was believed to be the oldest Easter egg in the world mum was convinced her’s was older.

“We counted back and she was right.

“It would be interesting to know if this is some sort of world record. It wasn’t kept for that reason, but it’s been kept in its packaging and still looks okay.”

Mavis added: “Some of the chocolates have gone a bit white now – but I’m keeping it safe for next year.”