Jobs axed and tax to go up to save £46m

Wakefield town hall
Wakefield town hall

Bosses at Wakefield Council unanimously approved 120 job cuts and a council tax rise of 1.45 per cent to save £46m over the next two years.

Council leader Peter Box told the chamber last Wednesday council tax had to go up after a two-year tax freeze cost the council £12m.

He warned there would be more cuts to frontline services if it remained the same.

He said: “We simply can’t afford to keep doing this – it means even more cuts to local services in the future if we do.

“We are putting up council tax not because we want to, but because if we don’t it means more cuts.”

Conservative leader Coun Geoff Walsh was critical of the increase when it was announced last month but gave it his approval at the meeting.

He added: “The budget savings recognise the council can’t make the level of savings by simply trimming the edges. These proposals give a positive way forward.”

Coun Walsh said council tax has doubled under Coun Box’s leadership and urged the council to make sure residents felt the benefit of extra tax.

Coun Box added: “We will do everything we can to maintain and protect services for our most vulnerable residents.