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To tweet or not to tweet – that is no longer the question.

The Express team has now entered the Twittersphere and will be giving you your daily dose of news and updates in just 140 characters.

To reach the newsdesk team, contact acting editor Julie Sambrook or deputy news editor Trish Ellis on @PCExp_Julie and @PCExp_Trish.

Each reporter will be tweeting regular updates and all the breaking news from Pontefract and Castleford and also be tweeting in their specialist areas:

Follow @PCExp_Hannah for all the news from Kippax and Methley, health stories and crime.

Search for @PCExp_Lauren for council-based, business-related and Featherstone news.

Keep up with @PXExp_Georgina for all the news from Knottingley and Ferrybridge.

Don’t forget you can also follow our breaking news feed on our Express Twitter account @Pandcexpress.

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