Katy does Dove

Katy Clark
Katy Clark

A CASTLEFORD secretary has been plucked from thousands of women to star in beauty brand Dove’s latest billboard campaign.

Katy Clark, of Smawthorne Avenue, will see her face plastered 10ft high on the corner of Victor Street and Leeds Road in the town from next week.

She will star alongside nine other women who entered the “Look your best, feel your happiest with Dove and Asda” competition.

Miss Clark, 22, said: “I entered because it was raining and I didn’t want to go out and do my shopping, so I did it online and when I finished, this competition flashed up so I just entered and never thought about it,” she said.

“When they rang me, I said, ‘are you joking’? I just thought it was a prank. Even when they sent the confirmation email I still didn’t believe it.”

The ten “real women” who appear on the billboard were randomly selected from the Asda competition and won an all-expenses paid photoshoot and pamper day in London.

Miss Clark added: “I’m not going to get another opportunity to do it again. No-one is going to come up to me next year and say, ‘do you want to do Dove again’, so I’m really glad I got the chance.”

The billboards will appear in 125 locations across the UK.

Miss Clark joked: “The nearest billboard is right outside my mum’s house. She said she sees enough of me already.”