Kellingley miner death: inquest verdict

Gerry Gibson
Gerry Gibson

A Kellingley miner died in a roof collapse just days after a similar incident at the pit was “inadequately” investigated, an inquest has ruled.

Gerry Gibson, 49, was buried by a rock fall while working 800m underground at the Turvers Lane mine in September 2011.

An inquest jury at Selby Coroner’s Court heard this week how part of the roof collapsed just five days before Mr Gibson’s death due to broken bolts and advice following the incident was not “appropriately” or “effectively” given to staff.

The jury took just three hours to return a narrative verdict following the five-day hearing.

The foreman told the court: “On September 27 Gerry Gibson and his colleagues were following normal working practices.

“They were unaware of the previous significant fall in that area as no [safety] talk was given and no exclusion zone described.

“When the roof support was lowered the roof collapsed causing one male to be trapped and Gerry Gibson to be buried under the roof debris, causing his death.”

Mr Gibson’s family gave a statement following the verdict and said they were “devastated” by their loss.

It said: “We continue as a family to suffer greatly from Gerry’s death, particularly his wife, Brenda, and his sons, Sean and Andrew.
“He has left a huge hole in our lives and hearts.”

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