Ken’s ‘dignity and humour’

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I WAS very sorry to learn of the death of former Mayor, Ken Bolland (Express, May 5).

A very good man who undertook his civic duties with gentleness and everywhere he went, upheld the office with dignity and humour.

I will never forget the time he collared me in the members’ room in Wakefield Town Hall, telling me: “I have just spent hours interviewing for the position of a new head at the Smawthorne Henry Moore School in Castleford.”

He went on to tell me the man they appointed “had to be twice as good as all the others because of his name.”

That was how he teased me,before telling me my cousin Nigel had been appointed. Nigel proved to have been an excellent choice who always had the full support of Ken and shares my sadness at his death.


Woolgreaves Drive