Kingsway cafe is backdrop for Breakfast at Sylvia’s

Matt Abbott's new video is set in Ossett's Kingsway Caf�
Matt Abbott's new video is set in Ossett's Kingsway Caf�

A singer-songwriter has returned to his home town to film his latest music video .

Matt Abbott went back to Ossett and filmed the video for his latest Skint & Demoralised single in Kingsway Café.

He said the song, called Breakfast at Sylvia’s, was inspired by experiences in his youth, and by a 1957 novel by John Braine called Room at the Top.

He said: “I used to go to that café after my paper round on a Saturday. And in the book, there’s a scene where the protagonist has a bit of an epiphany in Sylvia’s café.

“It’s about an awakening moment, realising I should live my life while I can instead of slipping into comfort.”

Mr Abbott has already filmed two videos in Wakefield city centre, including Skint & Demoralised debut The Thrill of Thirty Seconds and a solo single called I Love This City.

Skint & Demoralised, which also includes Sheffield producer MiNI dOG, will perform a gig at The Hop on Saturday, March 23, to celebrate the launch of the new single two days later. It will start at 7.30pm and tickets, at £4, are available online.

A new Skint & Demoralised album, called The Bit Between The Teeth, will be released on Monday, April 8.

Click here to watch the video.