KP Snacks announces plan to move popcorn factory to Pontefract from Barnsley

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KP Snacks could bring a popcorn manufacturing factory to Pontefract if a new proposal goes ahead.

The company, who acquired popcorn manufacturer Butterkist in 2017, said they had made the proposal as part of a review of their manufacturing capability.

Under the proposal, Barnsley's Largo Foods UK factory would be closed, and all production relocated to the Butterkist factory on Ferrybridge Lane, Pontefract.

The company said that merging the two sites would be the cost-effective option.

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Mark Duffy, Manufacturing Director at KP Snacks, says: “Following our acquisition of Butterkist in 2017 we have been reviewing our manufacturing capability to ensure that we can deliver quality products with great service and at the right cost for our customers.

"Our review has concluded that we are over capacity across our popcorn manufacturing base (in Barnsley).

"KP’s Butterkist factory in Pontefract is a large, modern, cost-effective self-contained unit.

"The constraints at Barnsley mean there is not the capacity to accommodate Pontefract’s production, however Pontefract could accommodate Barnsley’s production, whilst retaining scope for further volume growth."

If the proposal goes ahead, the company would expect to close their Barnsley site later this year.

This would leave 90 employees at risk of redundancy, the company said.

A further 31 roles would be made available at Pontefract, though these would be offered to staff from Barnsley wherever possible.

KP Snacks produces a number of well-known snack brands, including Hula Hoops, McCoy's, Space Raiders, Discos and Frisps.