Leah’s secret to a long life? ‘Hard work’

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One of the district’s oldest women has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Leah Taylor was born in Featherstone on June 14, 1916, the year George V was on the throne and Britain was at war in Europe.

Mum to Winnie and Alan, she worked at Pontefract’s liquorice factory and was married to Stan, who worked as a miner and died around 11 years ago.

Mrs Taylor, who was also an active member of Featherstone’s Darby and Joan club for many years, lived in the town up until around eight years ago.

She then moved to The Laurels care home in South Kirkby.

She celebrated her 100th birthday with family members and staff at the home, on Bull Lane, South Kirkby, on Wednesday.

When asked the secret of living to such an old age, Mrs Taylor said: “Hard work.”