'Lenient, crazy and a regular occurrence' - Your views on woman fined for using her mobile phone at the wheel

People are still dangerously using their mobile phones while driving.
People are still dangerously using their mobile phones while driving.

A £200 fine given to a woman spotted by police on her mobile phone got you, our readers, talking.

Comments left on our Facebook page include those who think the fine, along with six points, is far too lenient for such an offence with many saying that they have seen similar, or even worse, cases of using phones while driving.

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Here's what you had to say:

Stephen John: "I think six points is still too lenient. Ban them for 12 months and it'll reduce the number of poor drivers we have on the road, quicker."

Lily Meadows: "Banning them only increases the number of illegal drivers. They can still get a car, they just can get insurance and don’t have a licence."

Christopher Hudson: "Loads of people still phone and text whilst driving just stand at any roundabout or junction and see heads down etc ...dangerous! Just as bad as folks driving in bad weather with daytime running lights on so no rear lights! Crazy."

Carol Milsom: "I cringed the other day when a car passed me with an empty back seat and woman in front with toddler on knee and driver on phone."

Chris Wingate: "Lengthen the ban and give it an instant £2,000 fine. Vehicles are dangerous items even more lethal when you're not doing what you should be doing. Points are not going to stop them unless they have a full set. The trouble is they do a cracking job, but they a so far streached the guys and girls can't be everywhere."

Barry Hayes: "Sounds about right. See them all the time. Muppets on phone while driving."

Lisa Johnston Joyner: Confiscate the phone, that might make them think twice."

Heather Bartle: "Good work, WYP!"

Ann Lockwood: "Phones and kids not in the correct car seat or any seat at all - there's a lot of that aswell."

Noel Bateman: "Phones should be designed with an inertia switch which inhibits use while in any motor vehicle including mobility scooters."

Andy Wakefield: "What about passengers though? I get where you are coming from but imagine a bus/coach/train full of phone starved zombies. Would be carnage."

Colin Williams: " We are told it is as dangerous as drink driving. The penalty should be the same: Minimum 12 month ban."

Michaela Kayla Allott Hugill: "See it all time at traffic lights."