LETTER: I joined protest because there is no Planet B!

Extinction Rebellion Protest Neville Street Bridge.
Extinction Rebellion Protest Neville Street Bridge.

I JOINED the Extinction Rebellion protest last week  and spent most of my time handing out leaflets and talking to members of the public.

A lot of people were very friendly, some expressed enthusiastic support, some wanted to discuss the issues and some wanted to know what they could do to help save the planet from catastrophic warming.
They understood the need to fly less, use our cars less, buy fewer clothes and consumer goods and to reduce our meat and dairy consumption.  
And to keep up the support for those of our politicians who are backing increased investment in renewable energy and in public transport.
The demonstration was deliberately staged at the end of the Neville Street dark arches - the most polluted section of road in Leeds.
One person I spoke to said what a joy it was to walk to and from work during the week along a car-free street.
We in this country are fortunate to have the right to peaceful protest.
Organisers of large protests and demonstrations inform the police of their intentions and liaise with the police over the plans, keeping both protestors and the public safe from harm.
I hope everyone who saw the colourful boats and banners and creative messages at these protests in different cities around the country will be inspired to do their bit for the planet and for future generations.
There is no planet B.
Thank you to the organisers of Extinction Rebellion for all your hard work.
People should just accept the original result

Frances Jones