Letter - The meaning of Christmas

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CHRISTMAS is a season that means a great deal to most of us.

Community groups put a lot of time and energy into celebrating with fellow residents by holding carol services, Christmas fairs and Santa’s grottoes.

To think that a group of individuals would taunt and abuse those who want to bring happiness and joy to their communities is despicable, as happened to members of Holy Cross and Airedale Methodist churches’ joint carol service.

It is a crying shame their efforts were ruined by people who are too stupid and disconnected from the community to understand why it is enjoyable to make others smile, without getting paid or physically rewarded for doing so.

The attack on the brass band in Airedale this week is a sad reminder that no matter what time of year there will be people who don’t understand the good work that others do.

The strength of the members of Holy Cross and Airedale Methodist churches, who will carry on entertaining and giving to the community despite such thuggish behaviour, is truly the spirit of Christmas.