LETTER: We can’t offer permits for free due to cutbacks

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I write in response to letters about parking permits in the Wakefield Express on March 31.

We fully appreciate there will be a range of different views and opinions about the council’s decision to introduce a chargeable parking permit scheme.

Currently the council issues resident, visitor and business permits for use in approximately 100 residential permit parking scheme areas in the district.

Due to significant reductions in our budgets from the government, it is no longer possible to provide this service for free.

Charging for permits will improve the effectiveness of the service by providing more patrols and greater enforcement.

We will be launching a public consultation on the council’s website shortly. It will give people the opportunity to comment on the proposed parking permit charges for residents and businesses.

I would urge all residents and businesses in permit parking scheme areas to take part in the consultation so we can use your views to shape the plan.

Coun Matthew Morley

Cabinet member for transport and highways