LETTERS - Thank you for all your help

ALTHOUGH our shop closed in January, Dr Jackson’s charity is still going strong.

We would like to thank you all for your kind donations and generosity over the years. We’ve enjoyed sharing the joy, the laughter, the banter and sometimes joined in the tears with you too. Thank you for dropping in to see our volunteers and donating gifts or goods to help us raise vital funds to help improve the cancer care for local people across Pontefract, Wakefield and Dewsbury.

We have been proud to serve you, support the Mid Yorkshire Trust hospitals in promoting research into the treatment and prevention of cancer and with the staff helped to finance the introduction of successful new techniques and purchase medical and surgical equipment too.

We’ve raised more than £1million in 33 years through fundraising, the shop and other methods and intend to do more in 2011 and the years to come. We’ve bought a CT scanner, a prostate scanner, a mammography machine and an ultra sound scanner, to name but a few items that have helped cancer patients across Pontefract, Wakefield and Dewsbury. We want to do so much more with your help and the grateful, continued support of the trust.

If you can help please get in touch with our fundraising manager, Maria Hayden. Email her at drj.cancerfund@midyorks.nhs.uk or visit our website www.drjacksonscancerfund.co.uk or call 07765 048656.

Our current campaign is to raise £79,000 for a multidisciplinary room with state of the art video conferencing and IT facilities. It will be a testimony to the generosity of local people such as you.

So thank you again as it is very much appreciated for your practical help. Take care and let us wish you all the best of health.


Chairman and trustee

Dr Jackson Cancer Fund