Life sentence for ‘savage’ murderer

Wayne Moffitt
Wayne Moffitt

A MAN has been jailed for life for the “savage” murder of a pensioner.

Wayne Moffitt, 39, of Minden Way, Pontefract, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing 71-year-old grandad, Geoffrey Bradburn, in April this year.

The jury took just over two hours to return an unanimous guilty verdict in the week-long trial, where they saw CCTV footage of Moffitt attacking the elderly man and repeatedly kicking his head.

A second drunken attack was launched just minutes later ended in a town centre ginnel – Duck and Pease Green Row, off Shoemarket – where Moffitt continued to deliver fatal blows to Mr Bradburn’s head and face.

Jailing him, Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier, said: “You subjected Mr Bradburn to what must have been a savage even though brief beating.

“There is some merit in the point that you have accepted the culpability for this offence, accepting responsibility for causing his death.

“But your denial of a murderous intent was in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

Mr Bradburn choked to death after a broken nose caused blood to pool in the back of his throat while he was unconscious.

Tahir Kahn, defending, said Moffitt committed the offence based on the “mistaken belief” Mr Bradburn had assaulted his sister in the past.

Ordering Moffitt to serve a minimum of 16 years – minus the days he has spent in custody – the judge said it was an aggravating feature that at the time of the attack, he was subject to a community order imposed for an assault in 2009.

Mr Bradburn’s family issued a statement following the verdict which said they had been through a “living nightmare.”

They said: “Our father was an elderly and very vulnerable man whose life has been cut short and taken because of a malicious barbaric act upon him.

“As a family we are devastated by our loss, we feel like we are in a living nightmare that never ends.

“For his life to have ended this way is all too much for us to bear. Walking past the place where it happened, as we have to often because we live in the town, is by far the worst effect of all.”