Lifetime ban for fighting rugby fans

14th June 2011'Chief Exec of Feath Rovers, Simon Riley' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE
14th June 2011'Chief Exec of Feath Rovers, Simon Riley' PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

RUGBY league bosses have vowed to impose a lifetime ban on fans involved in fighting after Featherstone Rovers’ Northern Rail Cup semi-final clash against Halifax last Thursday.

Simon Riley, Rovers’ chief executive, said the behaviour of the “mindless individuals” involved in the stand-off on the town’s Station Lane would not be tolerated and those identified would be barred from the club for life.

Mr Riley said: “We have a really good relationship with Halifax and that’s been proved by how we’re working together as quickly as possible.

“Guilty parties from both sides will be dealt with. We are taking it very seriously and we want to make sure we identify the right people and make sure we get these people out of both our clubs.”

Trouble started after Halifax narrowly defeated Featherstone 31-30 in the match at the Big Fella’s Stadium.

Police said supporters from both sides stormed the pitch as the final whistle blew and trouble then spilled on to the car park and Station Lane, where two groups of fans confronted each other on opposite sides of the road.

Club bosses met on Monday to discuss the incident and are working together to sift through video footage of the fighting.

The Rugby Football League has also instigated its own formal investigation into the incident and is awaiting a copy of the ground safety officer’s report before speaking to the clubs.

Last September Halifax fan David Singer was left in a coma after being attacked by fans after the Co-operative Championship grand final between Rovers and Halifax.

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