Link road is the best plan

IN reference to the letter from Mr Holmes (Express, March 31), the South East Link Road Action Group (SELRAG) has been demanding an alternative north-south route for the district for some 30 years.

Three years ago Wakefield Council accepted our representations. It appointed ARUP Engineering to prepare a submission for funding from central government out of the Regional Funding Allowance. The document was meticulously prepared by ARUP and ticked the right boxes for pollution, safety, connectivity and economic benefits. It went to the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly for consideration but was rejected in favour of bigger schemes.

The document is still in the hands of the Wakefield Regeneration Department and, we hope, will again be considered for funding when the conditions are favourable.

Mr Holmes is correct in suggesting that if the new roundabout scheme is built, it will bring back in much of the traffic currently finding alternative routes. Some residents hold the view that peak traffic flow delays will be as bad as ever. They remember the delays at peak times with lower traffic numbers than exist today, prior to the Town End lights being installed. The real solution is a major relief road.

A lot more pressure needs to be put on to see the South East Link Road scheme through. It will need more effort than in the past because we now have to make our voice heard in the much larger Leeds City Region..

If you have time to join our group contact me on 01977 704962 in the evening or 01977 703156 in the day.


Deputy chairman