Liquorice plan for shop

FURTHER to Coun Jeffery’s letter (Express September 20) the only action taken on the town’s ‘masterplan’ introduced in 2007 is the demolition of the old fire station.

No action on empty shops including a shop owned by the council. Nothing new built to progress the economy, no real progress on the plan in five years.

Pontefract Groups Together (PGT) first applied for the tenancy of the shop under the town hall in October 2010, again in April 2012 and more recently August 2012.

We have requested to meet Coun Jeffery to discuss the transfer of the tenancy to PGT to explain to her there would be no charge upon the council, but she refuses to meet, with no explanation given, only to allow the shop to remain empty. Why?

PGT wants to see the council develop a tourist information office and a liquorice museum in the vacant shop, but with the difficulties the council is facing, PGT could introduce a creative service to the community provided by volunteers.

Pontefract Town Centre Partnership, in cooperation with publicans and other business and professional bodies, is proposing action to progress additional market days and business development in the town to stimulate economic growth and prevent possible further closing of shops.



Ferrybridge Road