‘Look again at service’

I REFER to the letter in the Express (‘Keeping parks clean’ September 6 edition) from Joanne Roney of Wakefield Council regarding emptying of dog waste bins.

The dog waste bin on the corner of Willowbridge Lane and College Grove, Whitwood was emptied on August 3 and I reported it as overflowing on August 20. I also rang on August 24 and 28 and it was finally emptied on August 28. Today (September 7), ten days later, I am going through the whole process again as the bin has not been emptied and is overflowing.

Joanne wanted to reassure readers that all bins would be emptied within five working days, also that if a bin was reported as overflowing they would do their best to deal with it within 24 hours.

Neither of these things are happening according to my experience. Perhaps the council should look again at this service.


Bramham Road