Look at Zak’s gnashers - schoolboy shows off his two sets of teeth

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Schoolboy Zak ‘Jaws’ Brown has a bite that’s probably worse than his bark.

The eight-year-old from Wakefield will be keeping the tooth fairy busy this year as he has two sets of teeth.

Zak’s adult teeth have come through before his baby teeth have fallen out, giving him a rather unusual double-set of gnashers.

The condition – known as paediatric shark teeth – affects one in 10 children, but Zak is thought to be one of the more extreme cases.

Mum Claire, 38, said: “We thought something was a bit fishy when he got his first extra tooth through. It looked really odd, and they kept on coming. He’s got used to it now. His friends call him ‘Jaws’ because he’s got a second set of teeth just like sharks